Hioki SME-8302 Electrode For Surface Resistance | Option For Super Megohmmeters


Measure The Resistivity Of Curved Surfaces Efficiently And Effectively

Hioki Super Megohmmeters are high insulation resistance meters designed to measure the electrical resistance of insulation materials with high insulating properties. The SME-8302 is an electrode for measuring the surface resistance of curved insulating materials in conjunction with the SM-8200 series. Measurement is made by lightly applying the electrode tips to the surface of the material being measured.

Electrode for surface resistance of curved samples such as resin and rubber processed goods, TV cathode tubes or small samples. Surface resistance can be measured by pressing the rubber tips at the tip onto the sample. Measure electrodes up to 10^11 Ω at 10mm intervals or greater



Dimensions φ 40mm (1.57in) × 115mm (4.53in)
Lead length 1m (3.28ft)
An electrode distance 4mm (0.16in)