Hioki SME-8350 Option For Super Megohmmeters | SHIELDING BOX


Shield Measurement Objects From Electromagnetic Influence

Hioki Super Megohmmeters are high insulation resistance meters designed to measure the electrical resistance of insulation materials with high insulating properties. The SME-8350 is used to measure insulator surface resistance and volume resistance in combination with the SME-8320 Weight Electrode, and is particularly useful when high insulation resistance cannot be properly measured due to effects from noise and induction hum in the measuring environment.

This is used as a sample accommodation box during measurement of a high-insulation resistance samples, or inductive or capacitive samples to perform electromagnetic shielding


Dimensions 250mm (9.84in) W × 100mm (3.94in)H × 200mm (7.87in)D
Lead length 80cm (2.62ft)