Leica Digicat 750ixf SMARTREADY Cable Locators


Leica Digicat 750ixf SMARTREADY Cable Locators delivers a true digital platform with additional low tracing frequencies making locating and tracing buried utilities over long distances an easy and efficient task. Pioneering, fully integrated GPS and data logging, it delivers increased visibility-of-use, on where, when and how the cable locator has been used.

An easy-to-use cable avoidance tool with fully-integrated GPS technology, data logging and Bluetooth® to trace utilities over long distances!

SMARTREADY Improved mobile flexibility
The Digicat 750i SMARTREADY is the first locator to communicate seamlessly through Bluetooth® with Apple and Android mobile devices.

Improved mobile flexibility allows the Digicat SMARTREADY locator to work with 94% of mobile devices, reducing restriction of use and strengthened fleet utilisation.

Tracing buried utilities over longer distances
Tracing and recording the position of underground utilities before excavation work can help prevent operator injury, asset damage risks or any subsequent costs. The pioneering Leica Digicat 750i xf-SMARTREADY cable locator has additional low tracing frequencies making it ideal for locating and tracing buried utilities over long distances. Delivering extra visibility of cable locating activities provides users with evidence of compliance with industry best practices.

Unmatched ease-of-use
There is no need for you to manually adjust the sensitivity of your Digicat cable locator with Automatic Pinpointing, ensuring you’re using the optimum sensitivity for where you are detecting underground utilities. Reduce the likelihood of human error and ultimately save time and money.

Increased confidence & extra visibility of locating results
The Leica Digicat 750 xf SMARTREADY cable locator records and stores how, when and where your cable locator has been used. The data collected can be easily transferred via Bluetooth® to your PC, Android mobile phone or tablet, using Leica’s LOGiCAT software. Once transferred the documented GPS data can be analysed in Google Maps. Easily identify training needs with the extra visibility of activities provided by the Digicat, and quickly trace and locate events following a near miss or utility strike. Increase confidence in cable locating.

Improved accuracy & application scope
To achieve improved accuracy and application scope, use the Digicat cable locators in conjunction with a Digitex 100t xf or 300t xf signal transmitter and/or the Digisystem accessories.

Estimating the depth of the underground infrastructure improves utility locating accuracy and data range. To get depth estimation you can use a Digicat 750 xf cable locator and a Digitex 100t xf or 300t xf signal transmitter.

The Leica Digicat 750ixf SMARTREADY cable locator features:

  • GPS technology
  • Data logging
  • Bluetooth® connectivity to Apple, Android and Windows
  • LOGiCAT VU Mobile app – Apple and Android mobile devices
  • LOGiCAT VU software – Analyse captured data to improve performance and safety
  • Additional low tracing frequencies
  • Hazard zone alert
  • Signal service indicator
  • Built-in self-test
  • Service due indicator


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