Lutron DW-6093 3 Phase Power Analyzer


Lutron DW-6093 3 Phase Power Analyzer

-SD card real time data recorder
-3 Phase Power Analyzer

Features Lutron DW-6093 3 Phase Power Analyzer:
* Analysis for 3 phase multi-power system, 1P/2W, 1P/3W, 3P/3W, 3P/4W.
* 3 current probes ( CP-1201 ) are included, if change the current probes, the calibration procedures are not necessary.
* Current probe input signal/ranges with selection :
Input signal ( ACV ) :
200 mV/300 mV/500 mV/1 V/2 V/3 V.
Ranges ( ACA ) :
20 A/200 A/2000 A/30 A/300 A/3000 A/6000 A.
* Meter can cooperate with other universal current probes.
* Voltage & Current are the True RMS value
* True Power (KW, MW, GW)
* Apparent Power (KVA, MVA, GVA)
* Reactive Power (KVAR, MVAR, GVAR)
* Watt-Hour (WH, SH, QH, PFH)
* Power Factor (PF), Phase Angle (Degree)
* Voltage range : 10 to 600 ACV.
* Current range : 0.2 to 1200 ACA, CP-1201.
* Programmable CT ratio (1 to 600) and PT ratio (1 to 1000)
* ACV input impedance is 10 Mega ohms.
* Safety Standard : IEC 1010, CAT III 600V.
* Built-in clock and Calendar, real time data record with SD memory card , sampling time can be set from 2 to 7200 seconds.
Just slot the SD card into the computer, all the measured values with the time information ( year, month, data, hour, minute, second ) can be downloaded to the Excel directly, then user can make the further data analysis by themselves.
* Powered by AA ( UM-3 ) DC 1.5 V x 8 PCs batteries ( Alkaline type ) or DC 9V adapter.
* Computer data output, can cooperate with optional USB Cable/USB-01, RS232 cable/UPCB-02 and Data Acquisition software, SW-U811, SW-E802.
* Optional current probes : CP-1201, CP-200, CP-2000, CP-2011, CP-3000,
CP-3001, CP-6001

What’s in the box Lutron DW-6093 3 Phase Power Analyzer:
* Complete set with 4 PCs Test Leads, 4 PCs Alligator clips, 3 PCs Clamp Probe (CP-1201), AC to DC 9V adapter, 2 GB SD memory card and Carrying bag.



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