Lutron SP-9202 Environment Meter


Features Lutron SP-9202 Environment Meter :
11 in 1 professional environment instruments:
1. Air velocty/Temp
2. Humidity/Temp
3. UV Light
4. Barometer
6. Dew point
7. Wet bulb
8. Wind chill
9. Heat index
10. Altitude
11. PT 1000 ohm Temp. (optional)

* Tiny bone shape with light weight and small size case design are suitable for handling with one hand.
* Wristlet design provides extra protection to the instrument especially for user one hand operation.
* Low-friction ball bearing mounted wheel design provides high accuracy at high and low air velocity.
* UV sensor structure The exclusive UV photo sensor with the cosine correction filter.
* High precision humidity sensor with fast response time.
* Build in baro sensor for the atomsphere value and altitude measurement precisely.
* Optional PT 1000 ohm Temp. probe for the prcision Temp. measurement.
* Built- in microprocessor circuit assures excellent performance and accuracy.
* Concise and compact buttons arrangement, easy operation.
* Memorize the maximum and minimum value with recall.
* Hold function to freeze the current reading value.



Jual Lutron SP-9202 Environment Meter dengan harga murah, diskon dan cari produk Lutron lainnya dari kategori Anemometer. Gratis biaya pengiriman untuk wilayah Jakarta dan dapat dikirim ke seluruh Indonesia. Dapatkan hanya di toko online Indogeotech, belanja online mudah dan aman.